The Story

Unashamedly inspired by the great gins of the past, Sloane’s Premium Gin was created with a brief to be simply the finest gin available. Hand-crafted using individually distilled botanicals and fresh citrus fruits – a process that’s unique to us – Sloane’s gin achieved its goal by winning 2 golden medals and being awarded as ‘World’s Best Gin’ at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition!

Sloane’s Heritage

In his quest for the perfect combination of botanicals to make his perfect gin, Sloane’s Master Distiller was struck by the scale and completeness of Sir Hans Sloane’s (1660-1753) personal botanical collection. This collection was amassed during his lifetime and formed the foundation of the British and Natural History Museum collections.

Undoubtedly of significant influence and inspiration to the early English gin distillers of the mid-18th century, Sir Hans Sloane’s botanical collection introduced to the UK the exotic botanicals which have formed the basis for flavoring gins ever since.

Our master distiller & blender thought it only fitting to call his gin – Sloane’s Gin – in Honour of Sir Hans Sloane for his significant contribution to botany and, unwittingly Gin.

Unique Distilling Process

The main difference between Sloane’s Gin and other gins is that it’s hand crafted in small batches using a unique process that involves using fresh citrus fruits and individually distilling the botanicals. Our Master Distiller meticulously selects the exact combination of botanicals listed to produce a perfect balance of flavours:

Sweet Oranges and whole Lemons from Spain, Juniper Berries and Iris Root from Italy, Coriander from Morocco, Angelica Root, Cardomon pods and Licorice from India, Whole Vanilla Beans from Madagscar

Sloane’s Dry Gin tasting note is very clean and classic with a citrus feel. On the palate, all of the other botanicals fall around the juniper.  Sweet orange rind early with only a slightest hint of cream from the vanilla.

Please get in touch! Sloane’s gin is available as:

  • Premium Dry Gin 700ml, 40% alcohol
  • Pink Gin 700ml, 40% alcohol
  • Gin & Tonic 250ml can, 10% alcohol



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